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Original artwork by Ivan Salazar.


  • Size: 65 x 45 cm
  • Original piece
  • Characteristics: Serigraphy and spray paint on canson paper.


All pieces come with a certificate of authenticity. 

Frecuencia, from the series "Los Nadies"

  • Inspired by Eduardo Galeano's poem

    Fleas dream of buying a dog and nobody dreams of getting out of poverty, that some magical day good luck suddenly rains down, good luck pours out; but good luck does not rain yesterday, or today, or tomorrow, or never, not even in a drizzle, good luck falls from the sky, no matter how much nobody calls it and even if the left hand bites them, or they get up with the right foot, or start the year by changing brooms.

    Nobody: nobody's children, the owners of nothing.
    The nobodies: the none, the none, running the Hare, dying for life, screwed up, screwed up:

    That do not have names, but numbers.


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